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Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi


Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi

Article by Sunilfav

Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi – Travel – Travel Tips

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For the Canadian citizens who live outside Canada in Abu Dhabi, this article will help them know about the Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi.

This embassy is there to serve every need of the citizens here and provide citizen assistance in times of needs.

This embassy also helps getting visas to those who wish to visit Canada but are non-Canadians.Also, the visa office helps those who are meant to study ion the Canada universities or are employed over there.

This embassy is for serving the people not only from Abu Dhabi but also from other Emirates of UAE.

This embassy is also serving as a pillar for strengthening business relationships between the Canadian international and the United Arab Emirates. This results in a great business exchange between the countries.

This embassy is basically serving the people of the place with some Visa services and passport assistances, whichever they require. In case of lost or theft, this embassy comes up with the required solution to keep the people at ease and let them feel like home.

Many of the cases in international scenario prevail in which the person either loses his passport or visa or there happens something wrong with the baggage that he carries. Also, natural disaster or terrorist activities also result in such cases.In such cases assistance to the Canadian nationals would be provided to let them come out of the chaos and make them feel a little easier.So, in case you travel to Abu Dhabi, you need to have the address and phone number of the embassy here, just in case you need to visit the place.

Also, make sure that when you enter the place, you contact the embassy and inform that you have arrived here.

In Abu Dhabi Mall Complex, you can look for the embassy at the west tower of the Trade Center Towers at the 9th and 10th floors.

The official hours to visit the place are from 8 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm. The office is open from Sunday to Thursday.

When you attempt to enter the premises of the offices of the embassy, you should always carry some identification proofs with you. Else, you wont be able to enter the premises.

Now for the Canadian nationals and citizens, consular services are also available.

These services help the people from Canadian nationality to register the birth or death of the relatives of them. Also, assistance for voting is also provided when in Abu Dhabi. For certain documents, you can also ask for them to get authenticated and that too by the Canadian law. Also, for adoption procedures, this embassy provides all the assistance and information.

For any enquiry or assistance regarding the associated fee and registration charges, you can always visit the place and the office of the Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi or you can also make a contact with the officials there in the place. They are all meant to serve you the best!

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