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10 Activities to Teach Kids Arabic Alphabet Recognition

I remember how I at first felt that my child was a delayed prodigy basically on the grounds that she wasn’t getting on sound-related learning while the children around her proceeded just retaining what they were educated orally! Furthermore, as a mother herself identity considering propelled Arabic, I figured my child SHOULD know her Arabic letters in order by a particular age.

I neglected to understand that every child has their own inclination and what works for one youngster may not work for another. So I started exploring different avenues regarding diverse learning styles and found that my little girl learns best when I blended visual and sensation learning styles. She simply wasn’t the aural student! While choosing any strategy to instruct your kids, please remember which learning style your kid gains best from.

Primary Learning Styles for Arabic Alphabet Recognition:

Following are a portion of the thoughts you can apply in each learning style to see where your child fits best. And afterward adhere to that strategy for any sort of learning afterwards. Trust it or not, only 15-20 minutes can have a universe of an effect on the off chance that you know the Learn Arabic for kids!

VISUAL Learning Style

Visual students love sights and hues. They learn best by viewing their teacher compose a case on the board, seeing an exhibit, taking a gander at pictures and outlines and so on. They give careful consideration to directions in the event that they watch them. The visual or spatial student is regularly alluded to as a right-brained student.

They can even investigation in an uproarious place without trouble the greater part of the circumstances in the event that they have visual guides for learning Arabic for kids – in spite of the fact that they themselves have a tendency to be on the calmer side. They may frequently shut their eyes to envision or recall what they’ve been instructed as they tend to see even the most minor points of interest. Be that as it may, may experience difficulty recalling verbal guidelines – thus their brain frequently meanders when attempting to focus on them. You can likewise attempt a blend of all learning styles to see which one is the best for your child.

Ideas to explore:

To coordinate this style into learning Arabic letters acknowledgment, you could attempt mind maps and outlines, illustrations and pictures to show thoughts, colors to improve maintenance, visual prompts and distinctive estimated objects and so forth.

  • Shadow play

Shadows are a piece of regular day to day existence, yet they can be very secretive for kids. Such trials will give them hands-on knowledge into how shadows are made and the contrast between straightforward, translucent, and dark. This can likewise show them what influences their size, course and shape.

  • Match the Letters with Respective Animals

Children LOVE everything creatures. The main downside is that you should take in the sound of every creature since they will solicit you to mirror every one from them (and after that you may detest me a little for this complimentary gift

  • Tracing/ Chalking

Who doesn’t care for blackboard, whiteboard, stick board (a wide range of sheets really)! They give you a chance to differentiate your learning strategy and you can get as imaginative as you need with it. Following is a case of what we attempted and simply loved.

AUDITORY Learning Style

Auditory students depend on sounds and clarifications. They want to tune in to a clarification or recording and can viably retain things just by tuning in. When learning, they want to peruse/say things so anyone can hear, or have somebody make inquiries while they reply boisterously.

The sound-related student thinks in sounds chronologically and learn best through well ordered techniques. They have solid dialect abilities and perform well on oral exams. Infrequently, they may experience issues translating outward appearances and signals.

Arabic books & stories

Auditory learners would preferably tune in than read a story so read out the letter loud to them or even better, utilize:

Arabic alphabet rhymes & songs

You can utilize a recording device and record your child perusing or singing it and after that have them re-hear it out. May take after and allude to these Pinterest sheets for sans music rhymes and melodies. Discover numerous alif baa taa melodies in there.

KINESTHETIC Learning Style

Kinesthetic learners favor “hands-on” exercises, tasks, experiences and controlling materials. They get a kick out of the chance to act things out. Most children under five years old are really sensation students, moving and touching everything as they learn. They find their reality through play which is the reason babies frequently place everything in their mouths for testing.

Such students learn best when their bodies are included which is the reason you may dependably observe their hands moving and upto something. They have a tendency to lose fixation if there is practically zero outer incitement, touch or development. You may see them moment that perusing and motion while talking. These sorts of students advantage from larges spaces that empower them to draw and move around and so forth. Outside are henceforth the best learning asset for them.

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