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Popular front BOBBI BROWN08 berry fresh spring color powder makeup – makeup, blush, lipstick – beaut


Popular front BOBBI BROWN08 berry fresh spring color powder makeup – makeup, blush, lipstick – beaut

Article by hi joiney

Popular front BOBBI BROWN08 berry fresh spring color powder makeup – makeup, blush, lipstick – beaut – Business

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Branches of blooming buds to bring news of spring. Say goodbye to winter, BOBBIBROWN to show women the most beautiful fresh red berries in the spring to meet anticipated. Spring 2008 makeup is to use a new berry colors, light cheeks and lips with a beautiful fresh breath of spring, with neutral cold gray eye shadow, the perfect beauty of the performance of the latest concept Bobbi season.

Fresh spring makeup color pink berriesIn a cycling trip in Provence, the fresh air with a trace of coolness. Therefore, the local bazaar Bobbi stopped looking for warm clothing. Bobbi from many colors, choose a fresh raspberry-colored hand- Weave Shawl, Bright red of fresh berries brings out amazing feeling. This is this year’s spring makeup Bobbi source of inspiration. Bobbi said: “This spring, a fresh berry color! Fresh berry color for every woman look so attractive!”

Pink cheeks, bright and immediately the whole face. BOBBIBROWN of “fresh berry pink color series” to give women healthy natural color, which is the most beautiful scenery in spring; natural matte finish to the cheeks of them ecstatic. BOBBIBROWN brand manager Mamin Gui said: “The deeper the color from white to bright berry color scheme is suitable Make, Fresh berry shades of blush and lip gloss for all women. However, the fresh berries to create the most beautiful color makeup must be neutral with cold gray eye shadow, but with a bright sense of cheek, bright face, three-dimensional, it is the most stylish makeup. “

“Fresh color pink berry color plate” to meet the spring of 2008, you create all the necessary makeup! Bobbi will be close eye makeup, blush and lip color combination on a plate and help you build an efficient and most fashionable makeup. So convenient design also makes BOBBIBROWN’s color palette is always a market was sold out.

“Fresh color pink berry color plate” in limited colors and new color white cold fog two little difficult Sook, Aye? Yarn Jiao Yue Shen leavened line? Sole Hui Tao deceive death? Sing Yun and waste what? Table go deep South Shi Feng Wu?? larva cut legal? powder Fresh raspberries, “Yang Hong blush,” immediately brings good natural color, like a bright pink around the Muffler, As instant bright and moving, to attract attention. Fresh raspberries and blueberries purple “bright lipstick” is to create an attractive matte finish to the lips.

Flashing light lip gloss (PINKRASPBERRYGL IT TERLIPGLOSS)Be the perfect color with fresh berry pink color plates, delicate glitter to lips gift to shine and shine.

Waterfront bright color lip gloss (PINKPO PS IC LELIPGLOSS)Lips to show off to the arrival of spring, new strawberry pink is more translucent brighter luster. Lip and cheek cream


Creamy texture of the award-winning products can be used for cheeks and lips, the new powder fresh berries and fresh berry red hue of two fresh raspberries, for different skin color to use.

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hi joiney

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