April Diamond Releases Lose Control Single And Music Video

Del Oro Music Recording Artist April Diamond releases her dance pop single “Lose Control” and music video today in the USA.

Hollywood, CA April 23, 2013 –

Singer April Diamond has released video clips every day this month in a build up to the release of her much anticipated single and music video “Lose Control”. Released today, it is now available on iTunes, Amazon.com and many other music download sites. The upbeat dance pop song carries a very unusual sound inspired by Eastern European dance music.

“When I first heard the music tracks I thought my producer had lost it completely, ” says April Diamond, adding “Lose Control has taken on it’s own sound and brings a fresh approach to dance music.”

That fresh approach involves a blend of synthetic sounds, expected in EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and genuine organic instruments that remind one of old school polka bands and other styles of traditional folk and dance music. This appears to be a further evolution of the sounds recently made popular by artists JLo, Pitbull and others in current dance music.

Producer David Longoria said it’s been a long time coming. “When I started working with April, I knew we needed to find something that allowed her strong voice to stand out and still be all about the feeling of dance music”, Longoria explains. “She is one of our most popular guest stars in my TV Special ‘Baila!’ which is airing across the US on Public TV Stations”, he adds.

The EDM scene is one of the most popular styles of current music as it dominates the pop charts as well as the music designed for club play. To keep the sound of Lose Control relevant in these trending styles, April enlisted the help of DJ Remixers Majik Boys, Mickey Oliver, Twisted Dee, Brazilian Gustavo Scorpio and Roxstar & Low. The various versions released to clubs and radio stations covers such genres as house, electro, progressive dance and others.

“The variety of styles that make up the dance music scene in 2013 makes it important to offer something for everyone who programs music, April says, adding “we are fortunate to have a catchy, well written song that holds up to the vastly different styles.”

Producer and songwriter David Longoria wrote the song for April to sing. “Her strong voice and personality make it important for her songs to be deep enough to have substance and still be all about having fun,” Longoria says. “That’s a challenge sometimes but in the end we all want to let loose and get away from the stresses of life and work, and just dance it all away”, he adds.

The release of “Lose Control” has been a milestone of the campaign #30daysofapril as it has trended on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

On April 1st, the campaign began with an April Fools joke complete with the new website and social media sites, pictures and a music video claiming she had switched from dance pop music back to her roots in classic, old school Western music. That video was met with an outpouring of fans’ messages asking her to reconsider the change.

The following day the joke was explained and the campaign was launched. Each day since, April has released a free video clip to build excitement among her fans for the new single. Some videos are inspired by current reality television- including one with her and her dog in her backyard, and ones following her shopping and a trip to the hair salon.

Others take a comedic turn including sketches highlighting April’s voice coaching, and getting her groove back.

All of the videos are available for free viewing on her YouTube channel at youtube.com/aprildiamondofficial.

The single and music video are now available and can be viewed on her facebook fans page facebook.com/aprildiamondmusic.

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