Brooke Turner is the ‘Life of the Party’

Brooke Turner talked to NY Life about her latest song ‘Life of the Party’ in the upcoming Hallmark Channel’s TV movie ‘Wedding Bells’.


NY Life: Can you tell us a bit about your song ‘Life of the Party’?

“Life of the Party” is a fun, upbeat song that I wrote to help remind everyone that life is short, you have to live in the moment and not to let a moment pass you. It’s also to remind listeners to let loose and have a good time! I think that so many people today get caught up and stressed about the little things in life when they need to remember that it’s important to live too.

NY Life: What inspired you to record this song and where was it recorded?

I co-wrote this song with Jeff Dawsong and Laurel Barker at Jeff’s studio in Vancouver, BC. As soon as we wrote this song we couldn’t stop laughing and having a great time, so we decided to record it in hopes that the listeners would have as much fun!

NY Life: We understand the song has been placed in the upcoming movie ‘Wedding Bells’ by The Hallmark Channel. Can you tell us how that opportunity came about?

I was so excited when I heard the news! This opportunity came to me via my publishing company ‘Nettwerk’. I am very grateful to them for helping my songs achieve such success in this and other great placements as well!

NY Life: The movie ‘Wedding Bells’ was directed by Gary Yates and stars ‘The Wonder Years’ actress Danica McKellar. Did you manage to meet either of them or visit the set at all?

Unfortunately, I did not have this opportunity as the song placement was done after all of the filming had finished. I would have loved to meet them though, maybe someday!

NY Life: Without spoilers, when can people hear your song within the film?

It’s near the end of the film, when friends and family are having a little get together. It’s a great little scene where everyone is having fun, laughing and enjoying themselves. I think that this scene embodies my hopes for listeners well in this regard.

NY Life: What is coming up next for you?

In the near future I will be recording some songs that I have just written. They are really fun and not really like anything I have released so far, so I am very excited for everyone to hear them when they are complete. I am working on them with the amazing producer Patrizio Moi from the Record Plant and so far, everything about the experience has been fantastic! I can’t wait to hear the final products. (A little hint: there are going to be 3 new songs, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise so that’s all I have to offer)

Catch ‘Life of the Party’ by Brooke Turner in the movie ‘Wedding Bells’ being released on June 4th, 2016 on The Hallmark Channel.

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