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I first met with the intriguing and talented artist Kathryn Carlyle on February 24th, 2011 by virtue of the Delray Art Leagues’ outdoor exhibit, ‘Artists In The Park.’ Sporting a welcoming smile and vibrant energy, Kathryn Carlyle displayed the wearable art jewelry of CarlyleGibbs. The joint venture of CarlyleGibbs wearable art jewelry is between Kathryn and her long-time friend and business partner, Cheryl Gibbs.

The CarlyleGibbs collection is rooted through the complementing color palettes of copper and bronze-inspired wearable art jewelry creations. The ever-expanding collection of CarlyleGibbs wearable art jewelry is almost overwhelming in its elegance, with precision metallic threadings in one-of-a-kind wearable sculptures and laced casings belonging to carefully chosen gemstones.

It was during our first exchange that Kathryn Carlyle invited me to meet one of her ‘children.’


Kathryn carefully placed one of her wearable art creations around my neck, having concluded that I would make for a suitable home. Her creation was incredible, shimmering in the sun with bright violet and vibrant pinks, metal embroidery, and crocheted casings for carefully chosen gemstones.

When we sat down for an interview at The Arts Arena Gallery last week, Kathryn explained to me further the concept in which she genuinely regards every piece of her CarlyleGibbs wearable art as one of her children. She describes, in terms of universal awareness, the presence of intuition that exists between her art and their eventual owners, or parents.

“So.. what do you want to know?” -Kathryn Carlye

It is within this simple statement that I clearly glimpse an intelligent and intriguing artist who has no desire for filters. Kathryn Carlyle extends an open door, revealing her world of creative influences and artistic discography with an unedited sincerity.

Whether tranquil, tenacious, or tragic in nature, Kathryn embraces her creative motivations with a unique brand of vivacious humility and charismatic grace. She delves into the impact of certain creative mediums, such as the jazz music she was transfixed by while traveling in Brazil.

Born in Chicago, Kathryn created her first painting at age four. As she entered her later teens, it was off the Big Apple, where she modeled and began training herself with make-up artistry. Now a resident of Palm Beach County, Kathryn Carlyle has certainly experienced some of the most magnificent places on earth, having traveled through Portugal, Spain, Paris, and Greece.


“My instant inspiration to work with copper… Sedona, Arizona.” –Kathryn Carlye

Eight years ago, a six-week monoprint art class led Kathryn Carlyle to the tranquil nature and landscapes of Sedona, Arizona. An unexpected inspiration was sprung to life when Kathryn explains the vivid scenes of geology, over 320 million years in the making in the famous red rocks of Sedona. Equally driven by the visual consumption of the Tempe Desert Botanical Gardens, Kathryn explains the driving force that ignited her immaculate copper-inspired creations.

Following the trip, Kathryn and Cheryl began collaborating and focusing on their metalwork. A commanding and creatively sculpted wrist cuff was the very first piece of CarlyeGibbs wearable art jewelry. Complementary to the copper-inspired pieces created by Kathryn, a collection of bronze-infused metal accents are Cheryl’s conceptions. The CarlyleGibbs wearable art jewelry is breath-taking, a brilliantly spun ensemble of finely woven strands of silvers, precious metals, and captivating gemstones.

Included in their collaborative artistic endeavors, both Kathryn and Cheryl create peacefully transcendent two-dimensional paintings. Having been focused on their joint venture of CarlyleGibbs, the compilation of wearable art jewelry provides an intimate and delicate display of each artists’ personalized accents, specific designs, and professional approach to metal-weaving and lacing.

“You must come to the premier exhibit at our new gallery!” -Kathryn Carlyle

Kathryn Carlyle extended a gracious invitation for myself and my fiance to attend the opening exhibit of The Artists Guild Gallery. We happily took her up on the kind offer and attended The Artists Guild Gallery premier exhibit on March 10th at 512 E. Atlantic Avenue.

As a participating member of The Artists Guild, an auxiliary of the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Kathryn was visibly excited to have the local venue as a resource for the artistic community. The Artists Guild Gallery held a quietly successful premier exhibit on March 10th, continuously drawing the attention of Atlantic Avenue pedestrians inside the gallery walls.

In addition to The Artists Guild, Kathryn and Cheryl have been participating as members of the Delray Art League for the past four years. Cheryl Gibbs and Kathryn Carlyle remain the only wearable art designers within the Art League, and participate in the Delray Art Leagues’ annual outdoor exhibit, ‘Artists In The Park’ every year.

“My children are here all year round.” -Kathryn Carlyle

Founding Members of the Delray Beach Arts Arena Gallery, Cheryl Gibbs and Kathryn Carlyle display selections from the CarlyleGibbs wearable art jewelry collection throughout the year. The classically-chic displays of CarlyleGibbs wearable art jewelry are more immaculate than I could place into words. When you have a free chance, stop by The Arts Arena Gallery on E. Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach. This precious stone and metallically threaded collection are deserving of a personal visit.

With their pooled creations receiving such enthusiastic reviews, Kathryn and Cheryl will be participating in a month-long exhibit at the famous Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in St. Augustine, FL during September 2011. The Butterfield Garage Art Gallery is recognized as a leader in the presentation of traditional and contemporary visual arts in North Florida. Opened in 1999, the Butterfield Garage Art Gallery is run by professional artists and is known, and respected for showcasing only the most talented and distinguished creators of visual arts.

CarlyeGibbs –  E X H I B I T I O N S
– Spotted on Second Gallery, Delray Beach, FL
– Ora Sorensen Gallery, Delray Beach, FL
– Hangen Thompson Gallery, Palm Beach, FL
– Lowe Art Museum, Miami Beach, FL
– Masters Competition at Disney World, Orlando, FL
– Ft. Lauderdale Fine Art Show by Howard Alan
– Lalique and Carlyle Gibbs at Robb and Stuckey, Bonita Springs, FL
– Metalmorphosis Show, Boca Raton, FL
– Florida Craftsman Show, St. Petersburg, FL
– Bijorhca Jewellery Show, Paris———————————————————————————————————

Kathryn Carlyle maintains member affiliations with:

The Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG);  The Boca Raton Artist’s Guild; Palm
Beach Watercolor Society; The Delray Art League; Women In The Visual Arts (WITVA); Florida Craftsmen, Inc.; Broward Art Guild; The Women’s Jewelry Association. She has played active roles in several of these organizations. The SNAG Conference, the Tucson Gem Show, and Conference. The Antique & Period Jewelry & Gemstone Conference are annual events Kathryn attends enabling her to study further amongst authorities of the jewelry industry.


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