DJ MarcusEl Reviews: Mustafa Captain Soulstar

Soulstar Performing

DJ MarcusEl on Mustafa Captain Soulstar In the illustrious realm of music, there are artists who transcend the boundaries of genre, captivating audiences and etching their names in the annals of musical history. Mustafa Captain SoulStar, a name synonymous with soulful resonance and unparalleled musical talent, is one such enigmatic artist. I’m DJ MarcusEl from … Read more

Alexander James Rodriguez Music Video Release

Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez sings his heart out in his debut music video for ‘Your Smile’, which dropped August 28. The pop tune has been climbing at a rapid rate with over 110,000 streams on Spotify so far since its release on August 8.

Produced by hitmaker Laney Stewart, and singer-songwriters Tiana Kocher, Liz Rodriguez, and Alex JackeYour Smile’ was recorded in North Hollywood, California during the state-wide lockdown just ahead of the tweens thirteenth birthday.

Written with a Southern California summer vibe in mind, the infectious pop record is centered around a young girl’s captivating smile that is suddenly noticed by one of her friends, who is looking at her with a different appreciation for the very first time. Her admirer dreams of whisking her away for sandy toes and snow cones on the beach.

Alexander James Rodriguez – Your Smile

Due to the current filming restrictions in Los Angeles, the music video for ‘Your Smile’ was made with Alexander’s closest friends and one camera. The limited crew incorporated all of Malibu’s most gorgeous hotspots and Alexander’s love for the ocean. Catching the odd wave that drifted by on camera, was a must.

Recording his three songs at age twelve during the Los Angeles lockdown, AJ is releasing one song consecutively each month, ‘My Crew’, which released on 07.07, ‘Your Smile’ on 08.08 and next in line is ‘Up To You’ on 09.09. He has a further three records penned for later in the year as well as a special Holiday song.

The recording artist and SAG-AFTRA actor is best known for his British voice-over work on the popular animated series Bee and Puppycat on Cartoon Hangover, where he plays Bee’s loveable landlord, Cardamon. Other acting and voice-over credits include the 2020 Golden-Globe winner and Academy-nominee Missing Link, Lance Kinsey’s feature-film All-Stars, and Flock of Four, set in 1959 Los Angeles, directed by Greg Caruso.

‘Your Smile’ from Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez is currently out and available for download on iTunes and all digital streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, TikTok, Pandora, DEEZER and more!

Your Smile Official Cover Art

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