chef jobs are known to work in luxurious star hotels.

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A chef has several important duties and responsibilities that make him a very vital part of the hotel industry.The job of a chef is considered to be a prestigious and a highly rewarding one. Chefs are known to work in luxurious star hotels, restaurants, messes, etc. With the growth of hotel industry, the demand for skilled and talented chefs is on the rise. According to market experts, more and more jobs will be created in the hotel industry and the positions of chef will be the best paying and the most coveted one.

Chef Job Description

A striking feature of the chef job description is administrating and closely monitoring the eatables or food which are being prepared in the kitchen of the hotels. Senior chefs keep a tab on the performance of the cooks and guide them, so as to make the food items in a best possible way. The chefs do a lot of quality checks on the food items before they are served to the visitors. Apart from preparing the food, chefs also take keen interest in preparing the menu, increasing the contacts with the vendors and making sure that the customers are fully satisfied with the service provided by the hotel. Chefs also do the task of ordering the supplies and maintaining a record of the production. The executive chef job description also involves deciding the costs of the various food items and beverages. If the restaurant requires some new cooking equipment which is new in the market, the chefs use their contacts and complete the buying process. The quality of the food items prepared in the kitchen is kept intact by the experienced executive chefs, by planned standardization of the recipes. Pastry chef is responsible for preparing cakes, cookies, icing and puddings and have openings in places such as bakeries, hotels, restaurants and exclusive cake shops.

Another important aspect of the chef’s job is to maintain cleanliness, hygiene and safety in the kitchen. Cleanliness of the food prepared can be ensured by storing it in a right manner. He also plays an important role in deciding how should the food be served to the customers. Senior chefs take serious note of the complaints received from the customers and try their best to find a permanent solution for the problems. Due to their vast experience, the chefs may also be entrusted the responsibilities of hiring talented and skilled professional cooks for the hotel they work for. Conducting training programs and interactive and practical learning sessions is also a part of the chef’s job. Fixing the sizes and the quantities in which the meals would be served to the customers, is also decided by the chefs.

Chef Salary Range

The salaries for chefs have seen a good rise over the past few years and are expected to get better in the days to come. The chef salary depends on the skills, educational qualifications and professional experience. The candidates who have done certificate courses from reputed culinary arts school can expect a better placement and salary package. The salary for the chefs working in reputed chain of star hotels is much more than those working in the local restaurants. The sous chefs are believed to earn anything between USD 35,000 and USD 50,000 per year. The salary for the experienced chefs can be more than USD 65,000 per year. The pastry chefs are known to draw around USD 30,000 per year in the initial stages of their career. The salary of the executive chefs varies largely according to the experience and place of work. As an experienced executive chef, you can easily earn more than USD 75,000 per year.

Hopefully, this information on the chef job description and salary range will solve your queries about this profession. Jobs in the hotel industry require a lot of hard work and ability to learn things on the job. So, be prepared for the big challenges and acquire new skills for a long term secure career.

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