Children’s Entertainment Brand Mutasia Launches First TV Ad Campaign

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Mutasian Entertainment LLC (, the children’s creative entertainment company, is targeting parents with young children in its first ever TV advertising campaign to promote their children’s story books, animation and other exciting products.

The eight-time winner of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards and Honorable Mentions is launching the 10-second and 30-second ads, created by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in collaboration by Mutasia Entertainment for the ABC Network, from November 19th and will run until January 3rd, 2015. Fans of the Mutasia brand can watch their favorite characters come to life on ABC25, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and ABC Family. Viewers of the TV advertising campaign will be able to order an exclusive TV special offer by Mutasia to celebrate the Holiday season.

Mutasia 10-second spot Mutasia 10 second-spot and 30-second spot Mutasia 30 sec-spot

The children’s books currently in the series include; Land of Illogical and Utterly Impossible Critters, written by Rob Broadhurst, Suzanne Cotsakos, William McCulloch and Susan Menzies, Figley’s New Favorite Food, written by Suzanne Cotsakos and Chelsea Menzies, The Nib Book, written by Rob Broadhurst and illustrated by Ryan McCulloch, Clubhouse Clash, written by the award-winning elementary school teacher, Justin Minkel, The Endless Caverns, written by the award-winning elementary school teacher, Michael Flynn and the fun, musical e-book, A Nib Christmas, based on the song by Rob Broadhurst and illustrated by Ryan McCulloch.

Mutasia is a humorous fantasy-adventure series that follows a group of young friends living on the island of Mutasia, where everyone is a mix of two or more different animals. The Mutasia characters deal with relatable childhood issues while embarking on dangerous journeys and encountering fantastical creatures.

In addition to books, the team at Mutasia has developed animation, music albums, soft plush toys, as well as educational packs for teachers, bookmarks, stickers, and mobile coloring apps for children available for the iPhone and iPad.

As a collective, the Mutasian Entertainment family is committed to continuously creating a fun-filled environment that encourages children to read and appreciate the world around them.  The talented and dedicated team of educators, illustrators, authors, musicians, designers, and entrepreneurs has joined together to share Mutasia, the land of illogical and utterly impossible critters.

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