Cinema 4D Likes Lights – Lights Like Shadows

Cinema 4D Likes Lights – Lights Like Shadows.

As our personality bends with time and rhythm so do our lights behave differently with their mistress shadow. A wonderful word and a favorite of poets and producers alike, shadow possesses implicit meaning and metaphor. “This great man was overshadowed”. This act cast a shadow on his accomplishments.

A favorite context suggests diminishing quality or acceptance or visibility but shadows also reveal. Shadows also provide something special for a graphic artist when they exaggerate. What political cartoonist hasn’t used the shadow to make something appear much larger, to have much greater presence and much greater influence. Flirting and with nature’s statements is a wonderful way to exploit your tools and embellish your message for 3d max models.

When you define a light in Cinema4D, any light, the shadow option appears under your attributes. The shadow option has three settings: soft, hard, and area shadow. The look and feel of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ is obvious and speak more to your intention and impression you wish to create while the area shadow is probably closest to reality and requires a bit more computation from your software for free 3d models.


Your shadow has its own adjustments and tunings. Accuracy and samplings would be akin to resolution and detail. You might choose more detail for high resolution and review a medium resource for web presence. Turning on the ‘transparency’ setting will have your shadow obey the transparency of objects such as bottles or glass.

Poets love ‘soft shadows’ and you can reduce the density setting to produce a softer shadow. Using shadows speaks to creating a more realistic movie, one in which object obey the laws of light and cast appropriately in the sunlight. However, it also offers a tool of expression, to soften your scene, to imbue with greater presence.

Your shadow has a color attribute. Any soft night spot, musical moment, or alien planet will certainly have colored light and colored shadow (free 3d models). Your shadow has a noise attribute, quite appropriate for motion or weather with a shadow appearing and reappearing with stormy clouds and hidden sun or moon.

Shadows have always been mystical, that ‘not quite’ appearance of something that has greater presence. An alien spaceship is approaching preceded by a great shadow over the community. Shadows are the anticipation of something that isn’t quite visible and the prediction of something nature is only contemplating.

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