Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius & North Node in Aquarius (August 4-6, 2009)

We are living in such exciting times! Don’t you agree? Astrology serves us in gaining deeper understanding of the inner and outer workings of the divine in our live. This Tuesday the Moon moves on to the sign of Aquarius and brings in a new focus onto our visions and dreams to come true.

This new Aquarius Moon is intending on finding her place in the community of like minded people rooting for the same cause, moving into the same direction. It will be a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday and you will feel it!

This Lunar Eclipse is setting the tone and is a major milestone heading towards the Age of Aquarius with its promises of liberty, equality and freedom for all. There is the possibility of unity in our diversity; a synergy created out of all our unique self-expressions as an individual being.

Full Moon in Aquarius & Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipses are most Powerful Full Moons. I had written an article about the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 6th and another article about the Aquarius Full Lunar Eclipse on August 5-6.

In my experience it is very important and helpful to look at the opposing sign as the complementing force to any planetary position. A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is always created by the opposition between the Sun and the Moon. It is crucial to look into the particularities of both signs involved in the opposition and their shadow aspects.

A Lunar Eclipse is created by the earth’s position between Sun and Moon, intercepting the Sun light meeting the Moon. For a short duration there is the interruption of Sun’s radiation towards the Moon.

There will be this moment of interruption of the familiar flow of energy and therefore our consciousness. With that we will have a chance of waking up from our normal, very patterned and habituated flow of thoughts, feelings and ways of self-expression.

A Lunar Eclipse stirs things up from our unconsciousness because of that interruption in the normal energy flow. With looking at the shadow side of both astrological signs the Sun and Moon are in, we will be able to gain much clarity and guidance to make the best out of this particular universal time.

Wherever the Lunar Moon is situated in your chart, the house it is in and the aspect connection with your personal planets, you will be impacted most! This is your chance to bring the light of consciousness into that specific area of your life.

For Example

Like for me my 11th house is activated which is also in Aquarius and my natal Moon is at 23 degrees in Aquarius, in opposition with Pluto, squaring my Sun and a quincunx with Jupiter.

This is my time to step up to the plate and show up with my astrology, my books (the written and yet unwritten ones) without letting my self-doubt and perfectionism get in the way. I can set new intentions and trust that the flow of the optimizing thrust of life will carry me.I already have been very activated around my Moon with the Neptune, Jupiter, Chiron threesome moving back and force over it.
This Moon is helping me contemplate my identity as a woman, as a friend and partner. I am finding myself expanding and changing in subtle ways and enjoying myself.


In Astrology, Sun and Moon are Representing the Yin and Yang
Sun and Moon are the complementing opposing forces in life, the eternal dance of the male and the female.   Sun is giving us life by radiating the life force we all depend on to support life and Moon is magnetically taking the energy in and reflecting it. You can tell by the powerful ebb and tides of the oceans how influential the Moon is in “just reflecting”.

Sun in astrology is representing our self- identity, that inner place of strength we act from in our life. Sun is representing the archetypical father and male figure in our life. Sun is giving us self awareness and consciousness and guides our choices and decisions.

Moon in astrology
on the other hand reflects consciousness evolving through our internal process of feelings and guides us intuitively – through our gut feelings. Emotions are often vague and hidden from the light of consciousness. It might take a while to float up to conscious recognition and acknowledgement. Moon is the archetypal mother, the inner woman or outer woman, nourishing us in her unique way of being.

Aquarius is the revolutionary and rebel fighting against the conventions and rigid rules of society. He is the visionary role model for new ways to live and is always reaching for new horizons. Aquarius starts revolutions, teams up with like minded people and really wants to change the world to a better place. With all the planets in Aquarius in the moment you can understand more deeply why we are living in such a special time of change and challenges.

•    Aquarius’ Shadow
Aquarius’ shady side is its tendency to believe himself to be very special and not bound in any ways by conventional ways. He has a hard time to fit in and chooses a place at the outer parameter of Aquarian minded groups. He likes to make the new rules and has been called the opposing king because of that. His appetite for power is more hidden as in the sign of Leo and is therefore his shadow.

When the Sun is in Leo we are in the heights of summer! By the end of July the summer sun is blazing and crops are bursting with their life force.
Our personal energy is more outwards and we are carried by a new flow of creative energy and life force wanting to express itself. We can partake in the exciting and self-assured ways of Leos.

Leo is a highly energetic, masculine fire sign. Leos can be none other than kings, leading all types of enterprises with their strong charismatic personalities. They always will choose to be independent in their work, not submissive to others. As the king they have a sense of entitlement and expect to be served.

•    Leo’s Shadow
The shadow of Leo is his self-centeredness and narrow perspective caused by that. They can get easily lost in self-serving activities and an ego driven perspective. Their love for power is not exactly unconscious but maybe the length they might be willing to go to make sure their own ends are being met.

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius with the Threesome: Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter & the North Node
Of course if there are several planets in one sign, the impact of it will be enormous and important. The conjunction of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius will be with us well into the summer. Have a look at my article about them and more thoughts.

The North Node is our karmic destination and is helping with the integration of the shadow the Moon is pointing at in this Lunar Eclipse. Aquarius is where we need to go and live the highest potential of it. Life is a journey and not a destination; it is a mystery to be lived. Enjoy the steps along the way!

I have also written a book you might enjoy reading: Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eyes & Strengthen the Soul where I teach you about astrology and how to read your own chart. If you know where your challenges are, you can then take steps to support or balance yourself with gemstones, if that is something that appeals to you. Gemstones are just such wonderful allies to raise our frequency and balance us in deficient inner places. Each stone has its own “signature” and individuality to offer and speaks to us through its beauty and uniqueness.

An Aquarian Gemstone is the Aquamarine. [1]
“Uranus infuses Aquamarine with some unusual qualities and a vision beyond our limited mind-set, making Aquamarine the Rebel among the gems. This is the gemstone of visionaries fighting for a better life, supporting goodness and necessary changes. It urges us to seek freedom and independence and to express our uniqueness. Aquamarine is the stone of innovators, ahead of their time in many ways. It encourages us to always question our limiting beliefs with an open mind and to be willing to grow beyond them. It can help us to find our own vision and purpose in life and the courage to live them.

This unique gem connects us with the unlimited aspect of being that is found in the ocean, symbolizing the vastness of existence, the unlimited space and horizon that we experience standing on a beach or on a boat. “

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Aloha and many blessings, Shakti.

Shakti Carola Navran: astrologer, jeweler and author

[1]Adapted from Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones That Delight the Eye & Strengthen the Soul © 2008 by Shakti Carola Navran. Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989. All rights reserved, used by permission of the publisher.

Shakti Carola Navran is originally from Germany, living in Maui, Hawaii, is a professional jeweler, astrologer and author with a lifelong spiritual journey; she has been crafting personalized Soul Jewelry since 1977.
In her book Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eyes & Strengthen the Soul she teaches you about how to read your personal horoscope and blue print for your life. Then you will be able to balance yourself in your most important areas with your 12 main healing gemstones, you could call your true birthstones.
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