Introducing Misa–The Next Generation Social Robot

Introducing Misa–The Next Generation Social Robot Set to Change the Face of Human-Robot Interaction

Misa blends seamlessly into households, helping families with a wide range of practical tasks while delivering endless possibilities of fun

WILIMINGTON, Del. (April 28, 2020)—Today, Misa Robotics, LLC has announced the launch of its Indiegogo campaign that will allow the public to meet its newest innovation in robotics and automation, Misa. Misa is the next-generation social family robot that is changing the face of human-robot interaction, providing a wide range of services and interactive capabilities.

Misa brings to life the dreams that both the Misa Robotics team and many tech enthusiasts have had for years—a robot that is designed to serve humans. Misa acts as a friend, teacher, companion, cameraman, entertainer, and more. Utilizing speech recognition, deep meaning understanding, and sensors and object recognition, Misa is able to talk to and interact with its human companions in a number of languages and move autonomously around the home.

Designed with endless possibilities in mind, Misa Robot can be customized for a wide range of tasks thanks to its open source SDK. Third-party developers can create educational, medical, gaming, security, and entertainment applications, adding to Misa’s already robust list of capabilities.

Misa’s creators envision an exciting number of roles that Misa can play. In interacting with children, Misa delivers a wide variety of options including encouraging good habits, acting as a companion, reading stories, sharing nursery rhymes, and more. For adults in the home, Misa can provide valuable household assistant services such as setting timers, acting as a surveillance camera when away from the home, hands-free video calling, and sharing the weather. Misa can also assist with senior living and care, as Misa can provide much-needed companionship and can even help with medical needs such as medication reminders and calling family or medical professionals if assistance is needed.

Misa easily integrates into any home environment with a few common tech items. A smart phone or tablet is needed to sync with and control Misa’s settings, and a 2.4GHz compatible Wi-Fi router and USB power adapter are all that are needed to welcome Misa into the home.


With the launch of its Indiegogo campaign on April 28, 2020, Misa Robotics is giving early backers the opportunity to pre-order Misa at 50% off the retail price, making Misa even more affordable at $349 compared to the regular $700 price tag. Misa will ship to backers in August 2020. In addition to a 50% discount, campaign supporters also receive a number of other benefits, including a Misa Insider’s Club membership, access to the Misa Development Kit (SDK), the Misa Karaoke App, two Misa Karaoke microphones, and access to digital entertainment kids’ apps and videos, a $250 value.

“Misa makes robots fun and family-friendly at an attractive price point, hopefully leading to more people gaining an interest in robotics and opening their minds to inviting robots into their homes,” said Deepak Bhatia – Founder & CEO Misa Robotics. “We’ve created a product that we think families will love for both its usefulness and companionship capabilities, and we’re looking forward to making Misa available to the public at a deeply discounted price through our Indiegogo campaign.”

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About Misa Robotics, LLC
Misa Robotics, LLC is determined to accelerate and improve humanity’s quality of life with affordable and simple-to-use robotics and automation products. By understanding how humans use technology to free them from repetitive tasks and concentration on more important things in life, Misa Robotics creates transformative solutions that allow people to enjoy life more. To learn more, visit


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