Lingerie Styles


This style is a kind of retro. Dresses of this style differ silk or cotton cloth, decorated with embroidery, lace, trim a thin, elegant. 

Classic style

Representatives of this style: classic English suit, little black dress. Today, the classic clothes include jeans.

Constructive style

Clothing of this style is different to emphasize shapes, designs. This style emerged after World War II.

Style Abundance

Founder of the style – Jean-Paul Gaultier. Colors to wear this style is the brightes FLANMARK.comt. Things are pretty eccentric, defiant, on the verge of kitsch. Allowed all sorts of lines and shapes. The combination does not match.

Storey style

According to another is called a multi-layered.

The name speaks for itself. Clothing worn in several layers, with a short over long.

Pajama style

By this style are the most usual things: pants, jackets, blouses, but now they must be shapeless and spacious. As an accessory use buttons in large numbers, patch pockets.

Graffiti style

This youth style is an extension of the style sixties – Pop Art.

Disco style

This youth style is bright, extravagant forms, using shiny fabrics, original finish. Clothing for dance parties and disco clubs.

Art-deco style

This style was popular in the 20’s and 30’s of last century

Diffuse style

A distinctive feature of this style – a mixture of different styles. As an example can give an outfit: a business jacket over a dress in the romantic style or folk blouse with sports trousers.

These are the main varieties of dress Today, it is not clear to distribute clothes to belong to a particular style. After all, one and the same thing in combination with another may come in several styles of clothing. For what would pass for a stylish, not necessarily choose for themselves a unique and stick to it permanently. Possible one day to appear in the image of a romantic girl 30’s and tomorrow’s dress in Western style. But if it’s done tastefully, no one can say that you have no sense of style. Wear it and be stylish.

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