Making The Most Of Dating In Paris

Dating in Paris is more of a matter of narrowing your options down. So many activities and venues are just waiting to sweep you (and your date) off your feet that you really need to narrow your choices. These ten ideas give you some of the best the city has to offer.

A good way to live la vie boheme in downtown Paris while seeing the sights is to drop by Pont Neuf. Perched over the Seine, this pedestrian bridge offers a calm, relaxed place to sip on some wine and much on cheese or other snacks. To avoid the late-night markets, go shopping early so you can get a tasty wine for your date. The walk itself is a sight and the bridge gives you the perfect vantage point from which to take in the city.

Another picnic option, but for the daytime, is the Bois de Boulogne. Get your lunch together and take a train to the southwest of the city. Be prepared for open spaces, quiet and even some privacy. You and your date can walk and look for a quiet nook to eat lunch and chat in the shade. You might even forget you are in the city.

You don’t have to flee to the lesser known attractions, though. Even the Eiffel Tower offers romantic views of the city that still have the ability to melt hearts. Few will be able to resist gaping out from the top of the tower. However, if you are fit and want a different experience, dodge the crowds on the elevators and head for the stairs. Yes, you can walk up the first two floors of the tower and see the tower from the inside. Once you have seen the tower, ignore the restaurant on the second floor and head to Trocadero, where a number of renowned cafes and restaurants cook up typical Parisian fare.


For those who fear or despise crowds and lines, try a different approach to this landmark. One way is to get off a few stops downriver and walk along the Seine until you have a good view of the tower. If you can, time your arrival. The tower lights up on the hour, which will give you a great moment as you look up at one of the most famous monuments of the world. Alternatively, you can take line 6 westbound and the tower will come into view on your right. Even for just a few minutes, the tower rarely ceases to amaze.

The river itself can transport you into a parallel Paris. Floating below the downtown buildings makes them seem even more majestic, whether at day or at night. Some claim that they are overly touristy, but a sunset or a night cruise will sway even the most cynical of visitors. When you disembark, the sights and tastes of Ile de la Cite and Ile St. Louis await to be discovered.

Ste. Chapelle is one island sight that is often overlooked. This gothic cathedral boasts a high glass-to-stone ratio which creates a daily light show inside. If your date is a music lover, look up the dates and times of the concerts given inside the cathedral. Again, after the concert, open the doors back onto the historic streets of downtown Paris.

Back on solid land, walking through the Tuileries mixes the best of street life and museums. You can begin at the Louvre, but the Palace and the park contain other activities as well. There are seasonal carnivals and year-round food kiosks as well as live music. Anytime is good, but check online to see if the city is putting on any special events.

If your date is more of the engaged type, La Villette, in the north of the city, could be a great place to explore mutual interests. In this science city, you and your date can play your way across the modern buildings and exhibits. Before you go, confirm if there are any temporary exhibits that might interest your date.

If food is the quickest way to your date’s heart, Paris will not disappoint. While the whole city is a culinary adventure, Rue de Mouffetard is a great place to begin. From the morning markets full of fresh produce to the cafes and quaint restaurants, Mouffetard brings one of the institutions of French life come alive. If you want a lazy weekend morning date, try a brunch in one of the cafes. After brunch, you can take a walk through the Latin Quarter and its sights.

A little further outside of town, but still within the span of the Metro, the Marche aux Puces contains odd ends and pricey antiques that will please serious hunters and ironic gawkers alike. Live music venues are also tucked in between the shops. Even Django Reinhardt used to play here, and his grandson still carries on the tradition. Get there early to ensure you get a seat.

Paris defies expectations and defies lists. Know what you want, and find out what aspect of the city will help you make your dating experience better than you could have ever imagined.

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