Film Nemesis Gets Release Date

Film Nemesis Gets Release Date

Random Media is announcing the film Nemesis gets release date os September 22nd. The films  writer-director Carl Joglar’s thriller ‘Nemesis’ stars Sarah Villegas (Once Upon A Time in Hollywood), Colleen Slattery (Trauma), and Nicholas Wilder (Ayla), on-demand and across all digital platforms from September 22.

Filmed in New York, ‘Nemesis’, begins with a car wreck that allows a fugitive recovery agent’s serial killer prisoner to escape into the wilderness, so she’s forced to pursue him. The other driver involved finds the agent while lost in the woods and initially, the female stranger’s presence complicates matters, but when the agent suspects her involvement wasn’t by chance, the killer intervenes, revealing they were working together as killer and cleaner. They capture the agent, but she escapes. The agent eventually manipulates and regains some control of the situation, setting the stage for a fatal confrontation.

On the film festival circuit, ‘Nemesis’ collected several accolades including Screenplay Finalist at the Oaxaca Film Festival, Screenplay Finalist at the Tea Dance Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, and First Place at the New York Genre Screenplay Competition.

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