The award-winning drama sci-fi film ‘No Turning Back’, starring Joseph Wycoff, Caroline Muller, Grace Goulter, and Kelaan Schloffel-Armstrong will release via Random Media on-demand and on all digital platforms June 30, 2020.

Directed by Danny Phillips, from the award-winning films ‘Life is for Living’ and ‘Presentment’, ‘No Turning Back’ follows avionics engineer Nick Wilkinson who lives a good life with his wife Laura of 20 years, his slightly rebellious, but adored daughter Rachel and his geeky son Max. They are all sitting down to dinner when Nick breaks the news that he has been shortlisted to be on one of the first human expeditions to Mars. He completed the application form nine months before but did not really believe he had a chance. He was, after all, just one of 200,000 applicants. Things get worse when he tells them it is a one-way trip. Neither he nor any of the other astronauts will be coming back. Nick has recurring nightmares, and he wakes in hot sweats, gasping for air. He is doing reconnaissance work on Mars when his helmet and oxygen supply is compromised. The nightmares have been going on for months. Laura cannot accept that Nick made the application without discussing it with her. She fears that her family will fall apart and gives Nick an ultimatum. Either he pulls out of the Mars One program within 48 hours, or he can find somewhere else to live. Nick visits a psychiatrist to help deal with the pressure but two days later he is locked out of his home. Rachel has taken the news of Nick going on a one-way trip particularly badly and climbs out of her bedroom window late at night. She turns up drunk outside a night club at 3 am. She is only 14 years old. Nick is allowed back (spare room only) after Rachel is diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. Weeks later Nick is forced out of the Mars One team because he has a positive reading for the exact same disease. The problem is Rachel never had Hodgkin Lymphoma.  Laura made up the story after hearing of Nick’s earlier testing of the disease in order to get Nick to reconsider his priorities. 

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, No Turning Back has been a film festival favorite around the globe, picking up awards for Best Picture at the West Coast Film Festival and Royal Wolf Film Awards, as well as the Special Jury Award at WorldFest Houston to name a few.


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