Stone Sculptures – European Sculptures, Roman Sculptures, Greek Sculptures

Stone Sculptures

Carving stones into sculptures is an age old activity in practice since centuries. From earlier civilization periods sculptures on walls and in form of statues have been carved out as medium of expression of thoughts or imagination of sculptor. Often it is seen that in earlier periods the wall sculptures were carved to depict the story or life of kings or any great person.

Stone sculptures are the three dimensional pieces of fine artwork crafted out by shaping stones (usually rock or marble). The earlier sculptures were given only human forms but as the time advanced different forms of sculptures came into existence. Now-a-days sculptures are made from different kinds of materials and are usually used for decorative purposes in buildings and gardens. Abstract sculptures made of bronze, silver, coral, agate or stone are now getting popular as mementos and gifts on various occasions. The modern day sculptures are now available in different styles including animal sculptures, stone fountain sculptures, stone flowerpot sculptures, stone columns, antique sculptures, stone fireplace mantels which can be used for different purposes.

Classic European Sculptures, Roman Sculptures, Greek Sculptures

Now-a-days the concept of using classic sculptures for home and garden decoration purposes is gaining popularity. Different styles of stone statue sculptures like eastern and western styles of classical sculptures including European sculptures, Greek sculptures, Roman sculptures, religious statue sculptures, catholic statue sculptures, angel sculptures are being used for different purposes of decoration.

The forms of sculptures influenced from the artwork of ancient Greek and ancient Roman period are referred as classical sculptures. Classical sculptures have been popular since the Renaissance and these are the works that closely follow the canon of classical forms. It was in early Greece Hellenistic period that more naturalistic human sculptures came into existence which later formed the basis for European sculptures. The classic European sculptures are usually the full human figure statues strongly portraying the signs of age and strong character of individual portrayed. Even the Greek sculptures derive inspiration from the artworks of Hellenistic periods. These are the realistic portraits of common people, women, children, animals and domestic scenes where as the Roman sculptures are usually the depictions of the famous Roman emperors. Both the Greek and Roman statues are very popular adornments for home and garden decoration.

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