Things to do in Laguna Beach

Things to do in Laguna Beach – From Learning to Surf with Laguna Beach Surfing Lessons to The Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach is a place where its sandy white sand stretches for miles over an artistic Mecca that the residents of this beautiful beach town have worked hard to preserve since 1878 when the first painting was created in Laguna Beach. Since then, local artists have supported themselves by selling their work to thousands of tourists that gather to enjoy this beautiful California beach. Want a little artistic fuel and Learn to Surf at the same time? Look no farther than right here with “Things to do in Laguna Beach”.

1. Learning to Surf in Laguna Beach – Check out “Laguna Beach Surfing Lessons”, which was founded by Sean Louden, Former Hawaii State Surfing Champion. For anybody that has had the itch to dip their toes in the water, from the seasoned surfer to the mid-western office manager, Laguna Beach Surfing Lessons is the best place to learn to surf in Laguna Beach. This Surf School caters from Kids to Adult Kids and will have you riding waves faster than you can say ” honey…I think we’re moving to California!”

2. Pageant of the Masters- If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Laguna Beach, and you can make it between the Fourth of July and Labor Day the Pageant of the Masters is the highlight of the Festival of The Arts. Every night at 8:30 people pose as living counterparts of pictures. Recreating “living” and accurate pieces both contemporary and classical.


3. PCH- Here’s a tip to sound local, from a local. It’s PCH. Not The PCH. With that out of the way, you’re free to wander in and out of the quaint and luxury shops, in the center of town or rent a Vespa and Cruz. The views of natural California beauty won’t disappoint.

4. Visit An Art Gallery (or four)- In a place that has spent over 100 years perfecting its artistic reputation, there’s a good chance to browse contemporary as well as classical art, chances are you’ll go home with a piece or two. A free shuttle is offered the first Thursday every month at 6:15 p.m. from the Laguna Art Museum to several galleries.

5. Laguna Art Museum- To really get a taste of local culture and art, while staying out of the sun at noon, check out the Laguna Art Museum. The art focuses on California and regionally inspired pieces and is the oldest museum in Laguna Beach.

6. Las Bruises- This infamous spot for its sensational views of the California coastline is a must-see for anybody in the Laguna Beach area. Originally the Victor Hugo Inn, you can enjoy great Mexican cuisine and a margarita (or two), while taking in Laguna Beach’s natural beauty.

7. The Beach- One can’t sit inside when visiting Laguna Beach, even if the re-runs of its namesake are on the hotel TV. (It’s ironic; we get it but go outside!) Grab a book (if they still print those) a cooler, and unwind on the white, powdery sand. You don’t have to take surfing lessons to enjoy the beach, although the fun would increase 10-Fold…just saying :-)!

8. The Boardwalk- Every respectable beach town boasts some sort of boardwalk, and they’re usually worth mentioning. Laguna Beach’s boardwalk offers a path to Heisler Park, which features protected tide pools and other areas for basketball and other family-friendly sports.

9. Diving- Sitting on the beach or strolling the boardwalk not adventurous enough for you? Visit one of the many scuba shops for classes, rentals, and equipment.

10. Marine Mammal Center- This remarkable non-profit organization is committed to the rehabilitation and rescue of beached and stranded sea lions and seals along the shores of Orange County. It was one of only six centers of its kind on the West Coast. Tours are free of charge and are offered from 10 am to 4 p.m. every day.

Laguna Beach is the perfect place for the inspired, those looking for inspiration, or just those wanting to exercise their inner child by learning to surf. Laguna Beach has prided itself on natural beauty and artistic integrity for over a century. Though in the public eye recently, very few people realize the cultural gem Laguna Beach actually is. One look at the place, and you just might feel like picking up a paintbrush yourself (daiquiri in hand, of course!)

Sean Louden is a former Professional Surfer, Hawaii State Surfing Champion, Founder of Laguna Beach Surfing Lessons, and has successfully taught hundreds of people how to surf over the years. To book your surf lesson today check out

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