Top Secret Restaurant Recipe E-book review by Ron Douglas

Top Secret Restaurant Recipes is an ebook that has hundreds of popular and delicious recipes for famous restaurants like Applebee’s, TGI Fridays, Red Lobster, Red Robin, etc.  But are the recipes in ‘Top Secret Restaurant Recipes’ the real deal?

[Top Secret Restaurant Recipes] costs .97.  Not a bad price for what is promised inside.  The advertisement says that many of the recipes are from people that were actual cooks at these hot restaurants.  I certainly was a little skeptical but I took the plunge and plopped down the .97.

The top secret restaurant recipes was instantly downloadable after I made payment in a .zip file as promised.  What was really a pleasant surprise right off was that when I open the zip file not only was there the “top secret restaurant recipe” book but also in the .zip was:

A second ebook with more secret restaurant recipes. (125 pages)
Notification that I had lifetime access to the secret restaurant recipes database online so that as they add new restaurant recipes every month I can see and make those restaurant dishes too.
Secret restaurant sauces that show you how to make dozens of classic and everyday sauces at home in your own kitchen.(77 pages)
Comfort foods recipes.(69 pages)
The grill master guide to grilling.(43 pages)
The secret restaurant recipes for diabetics –  same recipes but modified for diabetics.
and a few other bonus items.


So the ‘secret restaurant recipes’ people definitely lived up to the promise of delivering more than promised.  That was nice but then I was wondering about what would actually be inside the book.  I guess you could say I am negative thinker LOL.  When I saw all the goodies in the .zip file my first thought was…hmmm what are they trying to make up for or overcompensate for?  Which had me thinking the restaurant recipes inside were really lame or something.

So opened up the main publication [secret restaurant recipe] and had a look.  It was definitely packed with a LOT of recipes.  Of course I can’t list them all in this article but I can list a few:

Red Lobster cheddar biscuits – pg 80
Chillis salsa recipe – pg 44
Friendlys tuna melt – pg 101
Wendys chilli recipe – pg 79
Hooters buffalo wings – pg 56
KDC original recipe chicken – pg 88
There is even recipes for the Burger King Whopper and Mcdonalds Big Mac including the special sauce!

When you visit the secret restaurant recipe web site they list every single recipe that is inside the book so you know exactly what you are getting and if it is for you.  So far so good.  I got more than I thought I was going to get.  The publications were crammed full of restaurant recipes.  Now the final test.  Were the recipes themselves for real?

I decided to cook the Red Lobster cheddar biscuits mainly because the website had a testimonial from a lady who made that and said it was absolutely to die for and was she so right!!  The recipes are very clear and very easy to follow.  The only recipe I have made so far is the Red Lobster cheddar biscuits and if the rest of the recipes are anything like that one I am never eating at a restaurant again because I won’t have to!  That is not actually 100% true.  A lot of times I just like the event of going to the restaurant and being served so these restaurants are not going out of business just yet.

What is really cool is to make any of the top secret restaurant recipe at home costs me about 1/3 of what it would cost to make myself (if the Red Lobster cheddar biscuits are an accurate indicator) and best of all I know that I am the only one that spit in my food! LOL

From what I have seen and know I could DEFINITELY say .95 for the top secret restaurant recipe is WELL worth it and the final topper of the whole deal is the whole thing comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so it seems like a no brainer to me.  I really think you will love the top secret restaurant recipe as much as I do.  I really got my money worth and then some 🙂

Visit the top secret restaurant recipe website as they have the entire list of every single recipe that is inside the main recipe book.

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