The Wild West movie Western Religion,’ produced by 3rd Partner Productions and directed by James O’Brien, has announced its premiere at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. The highly anticipated Wild West movie is slated to screen at the Palais on Saturday May 16th at 8:30PM, in a Marche du Film spotlight on American Independents in Cannes.

The team that delivered the indie road movie ‘Wish You Were Here, writer-director James O’Brien and actor-producer Louie Sabatasso, have crafted a rough and tumble Wild West tent city, guided by Caravan West Production’s Peter Sherayko, responsible for the period detail in ‘Tombstone.’ They will unveil the film for the first time to a world audience at the celebrated French Festival.

Western Religion is set in 1879. Gunfighters from the far reaches of the globe have descended on the mining town of Religion, Arizona to compete in a legendary poker tournament where their very souls are on the line. (http://vimeo.com/115953377)

Variety Magazine picked up the story in late 2013, with the intrepid filmmakers on the eve of principal photography and nowhere to shoot due to a shocking government shutdown of all national parks. (http://variety.com/t/western-religion/) As is often the case, necessity is the mother of invention.

“We brought in Western historian Pete Sherayko to recreate a town that accurately reflects the tent city aesthetic, a true boomtown in transition. Due to the shutdown, we had to build sets literally as we were shooting. The hammering would stop when I yelled action and start up again on cut,” said O’Brien. “The controlled mayhem lent itself to the gritty drama we were fashioning. Every day was an incredible adventure.”

The production encountered many challenges, from government closures, hurricanes blowing down sets, to coordinating a large international cast in the mountains of Agua Dulce, far from the confines of a Hollywood studio. Renowned Western chronicler Henry Parke visited the set, reporting the emerging tale of ‘Religion’ to his readers: (http://henryswesternroundup.blogspot.com/2013/11/on-set-of-western-religion-plus-help.html).

“The feeling of being a part of a western town as it emerged overnight came across in the performances and the film as a whole,” said Sabatasso. “We’re excited to share our vision of the Wild West with an international audience in Cannes. Don’t sit too close to the screen, you’ll get dust in your eyes.”

Western Religion boasts an impressive international cast and crew. With score by British composer Ram Khatabakhsh (‘Capsule’), cinematography by Morgan Schmidt(‘Gimme Shelter’), stunt coordination by Ardeshir Radpour (‘American Sniper’), world champion wrangler Kevin McNiven and a cast that includes Claude Duhamel (‘Dawn Rider’), Peter Shinkoda (‘Daredevil’), Merik Tadros (‘Munich’), Miles Szanto (‘Married’), Holiday Hadley (‘Gone in 60 Seconds’), Peter Sherayko (‘Tombstone’), Gary Kohn (‘Almost Famous’), James Anthony Cotton (‘Phenomenon’), Tony Herbert (‘Speed Dating’), Sean Joyce (‘Hollywood Hills’) Scott Donovan (‘Black Cobra’) Melissa Strom (‘Rizzoli and Isles’) and Louie Sabatasso (‘Wish You Were Here’) as the colorful Salt Peter.

For further information contact the film’s publicist: Liz@emrmedia.com

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