Wine Food Pairing

If you will be hosting a dinner party for friends, family or colleagues, it is always a good idea to put some thought into correctly pairing the wine to the food. Certain wines go better with certain foods. This is usually true when dinning at an upscale restaurant, where the menus have wine recommendations next to the food selections. For wine food pairing ideas, search the internet or contact one of those restaurants where they are more than willing to help you. For your dinner party to go smoothly, and for it to be as memorable as possible, selected your wines and foods according to wine food pairing techniques and plan everything down to the smallest detail. This will surely have them talking about your dinner party for a long time.

Wine food pairing is important because some wines are sweet, others are bitter, and these flavors go better with certain foods. Just about every wine goes great with cheese, for example, that’s why you see that wine and cheese are sold in the same places. However, some don’t go very well with some foods. Wine tasting will help you to see which ones go best with certain foods.


Red wine

Red wine pairs great with foods containing pasta and red sauce, like Italian food. It also goes well with beef and chocolate. In addition, certain red wines, like Pinot Noir, go well with pork. There are many types of red wine, so you should do more research to determine if the food you plan to serve goes well with it.

White wines

As for white wine food pairing, it’s excellent for poultry and Asian food. It also pairs great with seafood, such as mussels shellfish. You can also pair it with certain appetizers.

Sparkling Wines

A perfect choice for after dinner is a sparkling wine. It goes well with desserts and fruits. Like white wine, they also pair great with some appetizers.

This is simply a general list of wine food pairing options. If you are unsure about pairing, you always have the internet at your disposal or you can read a good wine guide. You can even ask a chef or call your favorite restaurant. Pairing your wine and food properly will certainly contribute to your dinner being a great success and your guess walking away satisfied.

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