WriteNowLive: Tales From The Eastern Wind by Thaine Chase

cover of the book

TALES FROM THE EASTERN WIND by Thaine Chase is an exceptional contemplation on the mysteries of life, death, and what lies beyond the veil. The author weaves through genres with a masterful hand, dancing between supernatural horror, science-fiction, fairytale fantasy, wartime tragedy, espionage, romance, and everything in between.

Chase’s prose is rich with emotion, making for a deeply sensory experience, rife with empathy; you laugh, cry, panic, and fall in love along with Thaine’s despairing protagonists, even as you root for their success, often against the sinking realization that nothing will turn out as you hope — and yet, every so often, Chase rewards you for your loyalty, proving The Eastern Wind still favors the pure of heart.

TALES FROM THE EASTERN WIND has captured the cornucopia of human emotions in a mason jar and released them into the twilight of life, like lightning bugs taking flight.

So rest your weary soul at the way station between realms with this wonderful selection of storytelling magic.

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